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November 2021 - Series of works combined in a project called "Milky Way" were exhibited as part of the International Media Art Festival Cyfest13 in Borey Art Center St.Petersburg. All objects created during 2020-2021 at Daniil's Cattskill Studio, New York

Solo show of Daniil Kaminker's project Milky Way at Borey Art Center. Cyfest13, 2021

Some of the sculprures combined for the Milky Way project "Cow Patties", "Big Dipper", "Hook"

June-September 2021 - Exhibition "Landscape in sculpture" State Russian Museum. Two bronze works by Daniil Kamiker created with the participation of the autor's kids

Works by Daniil Kaminker: Construction site and Volcano, bronze 2017-2020



June 2019 - Football. From a series of “Red and Green” sculptures. Open air show at Artist’s Village in St.Petersburg




April-July 2017 - "THE KAMINKERS. SCULPTURES FOR CITIES, VILLAGES AND FORESTS" Dmitry Kaminker and Daniil Kaminker at the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art. St.Petersburg

    Dmitry and Daniil Kaminker


February 2017 - Exhibition "85 years anniversary of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists" St.Petersburg



May 2016 - Sculpture composition "Autumn Forest" for a private garden made by Daniil and Dmitry Kaminker in granite after Daniil's design. Moscow, Russia

Work in progress at granite carving yard        


October 2015 - Sculptural composition at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden (USA) was renovated and expanded. In the spring of 2015 as a result of a storm a 200 year old oak tree (the oldest tree in the garden) fell down, narrowly missing the sculpture and damaging it only slightly. As a result, the composition was expanded with a "Wolf," a sculpture that was created from the fallen tree.



August - October 2015 - Exhibition "Stone sculpture XX-XXI century" at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

wild boar kaminker


From May 2015-Present: Kaminker's sculpture "Fire point" is on display in the modern sculpture garden of the State Russian Museum at the Marble Palace

kaminker in russian museum


April 2015 - "Bear's den" sculpture is installed at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden (USA) as the first element of a larger sculpture composition

Bear pittsburgh bear pittsburgh


October - November 2014 - Participated in "Other capital city," a group exhibition of St. Petersburg artists at the Museum of Moscow



May 2014 - One day festival "Museum night", works of Daniil Kaminker at the State Hermitage, St Petersburg

kaminker  hermitage


November 2013 - March 2014 - Exhibition at the State Russian Museum "DINNER IS SERVED. THE RUSSIAN MUSEUM CULINARY COMPANION" St.Petersburg, Russia

Daniil Kaminker's "The Pickle" on display at the State Russian Museum



May 2013 - Group art show at the "Townhоuse Art Gallery" Brooklyn, NY



April 2013 - Exhibition at the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) - "Born to fly and crawl"

daniil kaminker    
"Mosquito #2" (oak, 2012)


January 2013 - annyversary of annual exhibition "All St.Petersburg. 20 years"

works of Daniil Kaminker "Mammoth" ("The best sculpture" award of the exhibition "All St.Petersburg 2005") and "Fire board" 2012


November 2012 - Exhibition "Pocket size art". New exhibition hall of the State Museum of St.Petersburg's sculpture.

mosquto on canvas  
"Mosquito" 2012. Bronze, oil on canvas.


JYLY 2012 - "Art on Rafts 5" - open-air art festival in St.Petersburg

Fire reservoir
Danya Kaminker's object "Fire Reservoir"


March 21, 2012 - Group exhibition "To dogs about dogs". New Exhibition hall of the State Museum of St.Petersburg's sculpture.

dogs exhibition   dog   invitation dogs


February, 2012 - Daniil Kaminker awarded by the Russian Academy of Art

Kaminker award


January 2012 - Danya Kaminker participated at annual exhibition "All St.Petersburg 2011" (Russia) with a new work “Nature Morte” (wood, 2011-2012)

Nature Morte


September 2011 - Sculpture of Vitus Bering  made from aircrete, and the bronze model of the monument to Vitus Bering were presented to His Royal  Highness, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. The sculpture was commissioned by the H+H Danish aircrete manufacturer as a gift for His Royal Highness' visit to the H+H/Russia plant in connection with her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II, state visit to Russia in September 2011.

bering and Crown Prince   bering   bering


May 13th, 2011 - One day only show of Danya Kaminker's new works (New York)



January 2011 - the website www.dakaminker.com was launched.